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WARNING!  Using appliance grade dehumidifiers in your crawlspace will NOT protect your house's foundation and floors from moisture damage...

"Our Crawl Space Dehumidifiers Are Compact, Rugged and Will Solve Your Mold Problems! No More Excess Humidity! No More Mold Allergies! No More Crawl Space Moisture!"

Do your allergies aggravate you at night when you want to sleep?
Does it smell musty or woody throughout your home?
Have you discovered the mold problem beneath your house?

This crawl space dehumidifier will protect your health and home..

Houses built over a crawl space are susceptible to...

Musty Odors Mold Damage
Moisture Damage Wood Rot
Premature HVAC Failure Humidity in Living Area
High Utility Bills Termites
Rodent Infestations Warped floors
Carpenter Ants Damp soil or walls
Condensation on Vents Cold Floors

What's Hidden In Your Crawlspace Will Eventually End Up In Your Home...
Your home is constantly filled with tiny, invisible mold spores that float through the air. These spores are the main cause of allergies. An untreated, vented crawlspace is an air quality disaster waiting to happen. The bare earth under your home contains high levels of moisture. Natural airflow patterns, called the Stack Effect draws the air from the crawlspace upwards into your home. This air brings with it not only mold spores that can affect your health, but also moisture that enters your floor framing system, opening the door for wood rot.

crawl space dehumidifier flow

mold growing on crawlspace floor joists trigger allergies in homeEvery home has vents in the roof allowing warm air to escape. Warm air inside your home is always rising and slowly escaping through your roof vents. In return, air is sucked up into your home from the crawl space beneath. Humidity in your crawl space allows mold to grow into colonies and release spores. In a crawl space with a humidity problem, you will find a metropolis of fungus constantly spewing out spores, day and night, all year long, that are sucked upward and distributed into the home's living area.

Where There is Moisture, There is Vermin...
Spiders, snakes, centipedes, silverfish, cockroaches, rats, mice, tiny dust mites and termites all love living in the shady, damp crawl space under your home. Wood floors and floor joists often fall prey to moisture damage. Floors squeak and warp, support beams rot and all that moist wood makes ideal food for termites. Moisture, dirt, dust mites and particles from the unhealthiest part of your home are sucked up through your floors and pass through your entire house. This is the single biggest cause of indoor odors and allergies.

Dust Mite In Craw SpaceYou should also know that humidity in the crawl space leads to humidity throughout the home, which leads to dust mites (another big allergy & asthma trigger). A home with mold problems is likely to have dust mite problems as well. Similar to mold, dust mites lay dormant until favorable moist conditions allow them to thrive. Humidity provides the water source for a slew of microscopic (and larger) organisms that live in your crawl space and walls. An entire food chain of organisms exists within your home with microscopic organisms at the bottom and larger ones, like spiders and mice at the top. All of these organisms are known to contribute to poor indoor air quality and allergies.

There's a lot more nasty stuff caused by gloomy crawl space humidity than people expect. But... if you are researching around the internet and made it to this website, you're on the right track to finding the solution.

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Do you want a solution to your crawlspace humidity that is backed up with a 100% Money Back Guarantee*?  Are you looking for a good value?  We gathered a team of indoor air quality experts who specialize in humidity control.  We presented the problem of crawlspace humidity in a house to our team of scientists, technicians and engineers.  And what we've found is that the proper installation of a crawl space dehumidifier is a proactive solution that we can guarantee will control your crawl space humidity.  But the key is using the right equipment for your specific crawlspace.  We have the ultimate crawlspace dehumidifier line and we are so confident it will solve your moisture problems we can offer you our 100% Money Back Guarantee*!  You can learn more about our guarantee further on down this page.

And So We Began The Search For A Crawl Space Dehumidifier That Can Do The Job...

Dear Homeowner,

Are you one of the many people who have wasted money on a dehumidifier that did not last through one season?  We've heard endless complaints about units made by well known, "so-called" quality brands that just end up freezing over.  Even in moderate temperatures, the coils can cover with ice and shut down that ultimately lead to the demise of your dehumidifier.

You've got to be careful when choosing a crawl space dehumidifier.  Nothing you buy at your local home improvement store will do the job.  These units commonly sold in stores are considered appliance grade dehumidifiers.  They may work in a living room or bedroom, but will not last one cold, rainy night in your crawl space.

Even most units sold as crawl space dehumidifiers fall short of ideal.  Some can work in temperatures as low as 50 degrees which may be fine for a basement, but out in your crawl space, it is not a year round solution.

We have tested the majority of crawlspace dehumidifiers on the market and we could not find one that we could ethically endorse with good conscience. Our research demonstrated that there are many dehumidifiers that are being marketed with "exaggerated numbers" -- such as pints of moisture removed per day and energy star ratings.


So, what can you do?

Well... if you are a company with contacts in air quality equipment manufacturing, you can have a unit custom made for you.  Of course, most people aren't in that situation...

Fortunately we are... so that's exactly what we did!

We Decided To Manufacture Our Own Line Of Crawlspace Dehumidifiers!

OscarAir, Inc. is a company with the primary purpose of sourcing the best value in various categories of dehumidifiers and other air quality equipment.  What sets us apart from other crawlspace dehumidifier websites is that we are comprised of solution oriented air quality professionals. We're not here to just sell you equipment. There are plenty of ìcatalogueî websites out there for that. We actually enjoy helping people solve their air quality problems. Generally what happens, after people shop around and do their own research, they come to us to learn a great deal more. We educate people about the science of dehumidification so you can make informed decisions about your air quality issues.

However, when it came to solving crawl space humidity, the ideal equipment to correct the problem did not exist! It has got to be the right size, have the correct dehumidifying capabilities and be priced right for cost conscious homeowners. Since there was not a unit on the market that stood up to our stringent requirements, we had a crawl space dehumidifier produced based on our specifications.   This is a unit we can guarantee.


** Best Value In Class **

This is our definition of the term "Best in Class".  We offer the best quality crawlspace dehumidifier in its price range.  In other words, you get the most bang for your buck.

We compared all dehumidifiers that can be used to dehumidify the air in a crawl space.  Specific features we compared were:

  • Size & Weight (for installation purposes),
  • Airflow (CFM)
  • Gallons Removed Per Day (for dehumidifying capabilities)
  • Operating Temperatures (to be sure it can be used during all seasons).
  • Energy Efficiency
  • User Friendliness
  • Price

Introducing our...
All Season - Commercial Grade - Crawl Space Dehumidifier
Rugged for harsh conditions...
Powerful for absolute humidity control...
Compact and lightweight for one-person installation...

Introducing the
OscarAir Dri-CrawlSpace
Crawl Space Dehumidifiers

Compare Crawl Space Dehumidifiers

To make sure we always have inventory, we developed two crawl space models:

(which we call the PLUS/55 for short)


(which we call the 100 for short)

To guide you in finding the correct dehumidification solution, call our toll free number (1-800-564-0667) and talk to one of our application engineers.  By providing a few parameters about your home, we can correctly size the right dehumidifiers for your specific needs.  Usually one dehumidifier is all it takes, but for special circumstances,  more units may be needed to do the job.  If you are the type of person that likes to "do it yourself" -- we provide you with all the information so you can properly size your own application.

Dri-CrawlSpace Specifications PLUS/55 100
Airflow 350 CFM 500 CFM
Gallons Per Day 10 17
Electrical 115v, 60Hz, 510 watts 115v, 60Hz, 980 watts
Power Cord 12 foot, grounded plug 12 foot, grounded plug
Minimum Operating Temperature 33 F 33 F
Size 23" W x 16.5" H x 14" D 21" W x 22" H x 26.5" D
Weight 68 lbs. 130 lbs.
Condensate Drain Size 3/4" MPT 3/4" MPT
Refrigerant R410A R410A

What Size Crawlspace Dehumidifier Do I Need?

Here's what most people don't know about choosing the right dehumidifier for a crawlspace. Most people only go by pints removed per day... THIS CAN BE MISLEADING. What's just as important is airflow ...this is where other crawlspace dehumidifiers fall short. Airflow tells you how powerful the fan is, measured in CFM (cubic feet of airflow movement per minute). Measuring the airflow by CFM determines how many times all of the air in your crawlspace can pass through the dehumidifier each minute. To effectively dehumidify your crawlspace, all the air in your crawlspace must pass through the dehumidifier 3 to 6 times every hour.

Humidity Level Crawlspace Characteristics ACH

Sizing Directions:
To size your equipment properly, find your current crawlspace moisture level and crawlspace size.  Moisture level can be measured as relative humidity with an inexpensive humidity sensor, hygrometer or estimated using this table.  Humidity levels vary from day to day, though you should be aware if you live near water or a known humid geographic area.  Click the map below to see today's humidity levels in your area.

current humidity united states map

Take your ACH (air changes per hour) and put it into the formula below to find your required airflow in CFM.

60-70% RH
Crawlspace feels damp and smells musty in humid weather.  This is most common for normal crawlspaces that have no visible water source. ACH=3
70-80% RH
Very Damp
Crawlspace area always feels damp and smells of mildew, moisture spots on walls and floor.  If you have a hot water heater in your crawlspace, you can consider your space very damp. ACH=4
80-90% RH
Crawlspace feels and smells wet.  Leakage visible, mold and mildew is present on surfaces.  Crawlspaces that are not totally enclosed can go in this category. ACH=5
90-100% RH
Extremely Wet
Crawlspace area has standing water present, or is waterfront property. ACH=6

Now that you know your CFM requirement, choose the right size and number of dehumidifiers to obtain your CFM.  It's OK if your unit has a little more power than what you need.  That just means it will run less often and use less electricity.

Dri-CrawlSpace Specifications PLUS/55 100
Airflow 350 CFM 500 CFM

Once you have satisfied your CFM requirement, make sure you have approximately enough pints per day.  This table below is based off Energy Star data.  Find your square feet (not cubic feet) in the left column and slide over to the appropriate humidity level to reveal your necessary Pints Per Day.


Pints Per Day

Square Feet  60-70% RH
70-80% RH
Very Damp
80-90% RH
90-100% RH
Extremely Wet
500  10  12  14  16 
1,000  14  17  20  23 
1,500  18  22  26  30 
2,000  22  27  32  37 
2,500  26  32  38  44 
3,000  30  37  44  51 

Finally, check the table below to be sure the crawlspace dehumidifiers you selected will provide approximately enough Pints Per Day.

Dri-CrawlSpace Specifications PLUS 100
Gallons Per Day 10 17

Proper Crawl Space Dehumidifier Installation

For maximum efficiency, the proper installation needs to be followed. In some situations, an oversized dehumidifier can compensate for lack of crawlspace preparation. Here are our recommended steps to prepare your crawl space:
1. Close vents.

2. Identify and eliminate sources of moisture.
3. Seal with plastic vapor barrier.
4. Install dehumidifier.
Despite outdated government codes that require openings for every crawl space, contractors and air quality professionals working in the field every day have learned that the best way to control humidity is to seal the crawl space. The first thing to do is to go close your crawl space vents. If you have dirt or gravel at the bottom of your crawl space, that's ok. Though you may want to remove any debris, building materials or random junk that somehow ends up in your crawl space. This next step is highly recommended: use plastic sheeting (minimum 4 mil thickness) to cover the ground and seal part way up the walls of your crawl space. (In new construction, this is called a vapor lock or vapor barrier.) Finally, the crawlspace dehumidifier can be strapped to floor joists or rest on a cinder block. Be sure to run the drain hose down and out of your crawl space and away from the foundation of your house. A condensation pump is available if you need to run the hose up and over any obstacles.

About Energy Star Ratings

Do you like saving money on your energy bills? Our Energy Star (application pending) efficient commercial grade dehumidifier will outperform any Energy Star rated appliance grade dehumidifiers you can find at any local retail stores.

Energy Star ratings are generally used for residential or appliance grade dehumidifiers, which are intended to operate in a room at 80∞F. This is also consistent with AHAM ratings. These commonly found Energy Star rated dehumidifiers only work efficiently in ideal conditions. As temperatures drop, so do most other dehumidifier efficiencies.
A crawlspace provides far from ideal conditions. Your crawlspace is the most humid and usually coldest place in your home. Using an appliance grade dehumidifier from a local department or home improvement store in an environment for which it was not designed, will work its little compressor harder and longer than was ever intended - eating up your electricity far beyond your worst appliances. If you don't believe us, buy one and watch your energy bill skyrocket. Then come back here and get a workhorse built for harsh crawl space environments.

As for Energy Star compliance? Dehumidifier energy efficiency is measured in liters of water removed per kilowatt-hour of energy consumed.  Both Dri-CrawlSpace dehumidifier units are well within Energy Star compliance guidelines of 1.20 - 2.25 Liters per Kilowatt-Hour!
Application Pending
31 Pint Dehumidifier
51 pint Dehumidifier
Efficiency Based on Electrical Consumption
Amps 3.5 amps 5.07 amps
Watts 510 watts 980 watts
Kilowatts .510 kW .980 kW
Efficiency Based on Water Removal

Liters / kilowatt-hour 1.94 L/kWh 2.39 L/kWh


The Problem:
Crawlspace Humidity, Property Damage, Mold Allergies


The Solution:
Crawlspace Dehumidifier properly sized for the area.
51 pint Dehumidifier

Dry, Sealed, Healthy Crawl Space Air!

Plus You Get all these benefits we designed into our crawl space dehumidifier, each unit hand tested and checked for quality before leaving the factory...

mist collector Save Big Money on Your Electric Bill
During summer weather, the Energy Star (application pending) efficient dehumidifier takes strain off the air conditioning by removing heat and moisture.  During the winter, your heater no longer has to battle cold, damp air entering from the crawl space... and because it's self regulating, it only runs when necessary.
mist eliminator

Cut Down Insects in Your House
Our dehumidifier dries out the moist breeding ground that supports the food chain of insects like cockroaches silverfish, centipedes and spiders.

Protect Your Home From Damaging Wood Rot
Wood rot is another problem associated with crawl space moisture problems. Left untreated, wood rot damage can cost you a bundle.
Clear up the Nasty Smell from Below
Your crawl space odor comes from the combination of moist, rotting organic materials and mold.  Our dehumidifier will suck out the moisture and dry out odor causing growth.
Compact Size Fits Tight Crawl Spaces
Competitor's units are too big to fit in many crawl spaces.  Our dehumidifier will easily fit through your vent opening and fit on a cinder block or strap to the floor joists.
Set It and Forget It - Year Round Solution
Using an internal humidistat lets you set the desired humidity level when the unit is first installed.  It will automatically maintain your ideal humidity level regardless of weather conditions.
Other Dehumidifiers Freeze-Over and Shut Down
The OscarAir Dri-CrawlSpaceÆ uses a Hot Gas Reheat to melt its coils so it keeps running and working even in temperatures as low as 33∞F. Our Hot Gas Reheat feature allows the Dri-CrawlSpaceÆ to function in temperatures all the way down to 33∞F... Clearing the winter fog from inside your windows and controlling your cold weather moisture just as well as hot summer humidity.
Protect Your Home Investment
Using a dehumidifier creates a "conditioned crawl space" that will protect joists and sub floor against wood rot and mold.
Solid Commercial Grade Construction - Lasts a Lifetime
One look and you know this dehumidifier was built for business.  This is no home appliance.  Epoxy coated heavy gauge metal casing keeps the unit and its coils well protected.
Add Usable Storage Space
Having your crawl space properly conditioned with our guaranteed Dri-CrawlSpaceÆ Dehumidifier can give you a clean, dry environment suitable for storage.
Easy Installation
Besides its small size, the Dri-CrawlSpace is made light weight with military style, metal handles making it easy to position in a small crawl space.
Guaranteed Quality
Before they leave the factory, each OscarAir Dri-CrawlSpaceÆ Dehumidifier is turned on, tested and hand checked for quality.  These babies are ETL and UL listed plus 1 year warranty on parts and 3 years on the compressor.
** Keep reading to learn about our 100% Money Back Guarantee! **
Improve Air Quality in Your Home
Drying out that nasty swamp beneath your house should eliminate by far the largest source of biological contaminants that trigger allergies and asthma inside your home.

How Much Would You Pay For Your
Family to Live & Sleep in Healthy Clean
Air, Free of Crawl Space Mold & Moisture?

What would you pay to protect your home investment?

The Most Expensive Option Is Doing Nothing.
Ignoring the problems going on in your crawlspace will eventually cost you more money down the road. Repairing wood rot or eliminating termites only gets more expensive as the damage they cause increases.

How About the "El Cheapo" Route?  You can spend a couple of hundred dollars or less on an off-the-shelf, appliance grade dehumidifier from your local home improvement store and try to fit it in your crawl space. Unfortunately, you get just what you paid for. These dehumidifiers are not even in the same class as a commercial grade dehumidifier. They are designed to work in a bedroom or living room. They can not come close to handling the load presented by crawl space humidity and temperatures. You can expect it to freeze over and shut down in less than a year. Plus, who wants to crawl in there every other day to empty the bucket?

We Found the Sweet Spot!  Maximum value rests between these two solutions. Home owners with a little do-it-yourself attitude can achieve the best results at a minimal cost by saving big money on labor and spending a sensible amount on a well researched, quality crawl space dehumidifier. Our Dri-CrawlSpaceÆ Dehumidifier technology used in combination with closing your vents gives you maximum value for your investment.

Welcome to the modern world where we have energy efficient machines that regulate humidity. Instead of depending on a teenager at a home improvement store, reap the benefits of internet research. Click this link, Dehumidifier Comparisons, to see the results of our lab testing and research on all crawlspace dehumidifiers on the market.  This will ensure that you get a high performance crawl space dehumidifier GUARANTEED to do the job.


Dri-CrawlSpace G2 Crawl Space Dehumidifiers

Dri-CrawlSpace 100
Crawl Space Dehumidifier
List Price:$1,850.00

Call For Availability

Our Price: $1,449.00

OscarAir Dri-CrawlSpace PLUS Portable Dehumidifiers Dri-CrawlSpace PLUS
Crawl Space Dehumidifier
List Price:$1,149.00

Our Price: $1,097.00

Are you worried about wasting $$$ on a humidity solution that may not work?

Place Yourself In The Hands Of Professionals

The Dri-CrawlSpace Crawlspace Dehumidifiers are not just guaranteed to run properly, they are 100% Guaranteed* to solve your crawlspace humidity problem.  Your problem solved or you get all your money back.  It's that simple.

Crawl Space Dehumidifier Gurantee

100% Performance Guarantee

Guaranteed Crawl Space Dehumidifiers


At anytime within 90 days after your purchase an OscarAir Dri-CrawlSpaceÆ Dehumidifier, if you are not satisfied with the performance of your crawlspace dehumidifier, just email or call OscarAir, Inc. for a 100% refund*.  You have nothing to lose, the burden is on us.  We allow you to try the dehumidifier for 90 days.  If you are not 100% satisfied, just return it in the condition you received it.

To activate your 100% Performance Guarantee, you must call OscarAir, Inc. before purchasing.

- 90 Days -
100% Full Refund*

* Return Policy: 100% of the cost of the dehumidifier will be refunded if returned within 90 days. Initial shipping costs and return shipping costs (where applicable) will be deducted from the refund.

Crawl Space Dehumidification Guarantee   Crawl Space Dehumidifiers Guarantee

There you go, a completely risk free crawl space solution.  The consulting is free.  The dehumidifier performance is guaranteed  and the price is better than any others on the market.  All this gives you quality that can not be touched by any other crawl space dehumidifier out there.

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