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OscarAir, Inc. WarehouseOscarAir, Inc. is comprised of air quality professionals from varying backgrounds and companies.  We have mechanical engineers, HVAC specialists, industrial designers, various technicians, equipment specifying engineers, application engineers and air testing consultants.  We are experts in dehumidification and air quality control.

OscarAir, Inc. was created to teach consumers how to determine the right equipment for their application.  This website, www.CrawlspaceDehumidifiers.com, educates people about the conditions of their crawlspace and how it effects and even controls the air quality and infestation of organisms within the structure above it.  People can further learn the proper way to condition a crawlspace with the proper equipment, mold treatment and crawlspace preparation.

Like other OscarAir, Inc. websites, this site showcases our choice for "Best Value in Class".  In this case, the class is crawlspace dehumidifiers.  Our solution oriented process starts by analyzing the crawlspace environment, then determines the criteria for  equipment that will stabilize the air conditions.  Next, we search for dehumidifiers that will fill our criteria.  Finally we choose a good dehumidifier at a low price and haggle with the manufacturer so we can offer it at an extremely low price.  And this is how we usually find the Best Value in Class.

Of course nothing is ever perfect, especially when it comes to finding a crawlspace dehumidifier.  It is a common, yet not well known source of many air quality and infestation problems.  We found several dehumidifiers being sold as crawlspace solutions, yet none met our criteria.

In order to offer the Best Value in a Crawlspace Dehumidifier, our only choice was to design our own unit and have it custom made for us.  We designed a durable crawlspace dehumidifier that you can easily install and let run unattended.  We chose quality construction and components to give our dehumidifier a lifespan equal to most quality HVAC equipment.  On par with other OscarAir Best Value in Class choices, we made our dehumidifier extremely good quality, guaranteed performance and priced far below competitive products.

To offer you an entire solution, we also created a FREE GUIDE to help you prepare your crawlspace, treat for mold and properly install the dehumidifier.  This guide is emailed to you and teaches you the specifics of crawlspace treatment.  Instead of depending on a contractor, you will know what work is necessary and how much to spend.  Sign up now for your FREE GUIDE by filling in your name and email in the box to the right.  Even if you do not purchase a dehumidifier from this website, you may still take advantage of the Free Guide.

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OscarAir, Inc. staff has a lifetime of experience satisfying over 6,000 Air Quality Customers!  Here are a few you may recognize.

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