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Choosing a Crawlspace Dehumidifier

On the crawl space dehumidifier product comparison chart below, we have provided some of the results of our product research.  The top two Dri-CrawlSpace® Dehumidifiers were custom made for OscarAir to achieve a level of performance where other products fell short.  Both Dri-CrawlSpace® units are available to the public by clicking on "Buy-Now" in the navigation at the top of this page.

Crawlspace Dehumidifier Airflow Pints or Gallons/Day Energy Star Operating Temp Weight Size Price
Dri-CrawlSpace® PLUS
Dri-Crawlspace PLUS Dehumidifier
350 CFM 10 Gallons OEM Granted 33°F – 90°F 68 lbs 16.5"H $1097
Product Review:
This thing has got a lot of power.  Can handle a damp, musty 2,400 ft² by 3 ft tall crawlspace.  Will work in all seasons, down to freezing point.  Energy efficient, yet effective balance of 50 pints per day with high 350 CFM airflow works ideally in a crawlspaces.  Pints per day is determined by size of the compressor and cooling coils.  Grossly oversized pints per day and compressor found in competitors generally leads to an unnecessarily high electric bill.  Before choosing a unit, check the dehumidifier size chart to determine your crawlspace's pints per day requirement.
Dri-CrawlSpace® 100
Dri-CrawlSpace COMPACT Dehumidifiers
500 CFM 17 gallons Application Pending 33°F – 90°F 130 lbs 22.00" H Call for availability
21" W
26.5" D
Santa Fe Advance
Santa Fe Advance Crawlspace Dehumidifier
240 CFM 90 pints YES 55°F – 95°F 71 lbs 19"H $1149
santa fe andvanced crawlspace dehumidifier 14.5"W
Product Review:
Better suited for basements, not crawlspaces.  Very large cabinet, nearly 3 feet long, requires 2 people to install in a crawlspace.  Will not fit in most crawlspaces when mounted correctly on cinder blocks.  Freezes over and shuts down in colder conditions experienced in crawlspaces.
Santa Fe HC
Santa Fe HC Crawlspace Dehumidifiers
250 CFM 135 pints No 56°F – 100°F 99 lbs 18.65"H $1550
santa fe HC crawlspace dehumidifier 20.75"W
Product Review:
Cumbersome is an understatement for this enormous dehumidifier.  Designed as a whole house, ducted unit, Santa Fe HC is better suited for basement installations where there is more space and temperatures stay above 56°F.  Pints per day capacity is grossly overpowered for a crawlspace of almost any size.
CSB Sani-Dry
CSB Sani Dry Dehumidifier
240 CFM 90 pints Yes 55°F – 95°F 71 lbs 19"H $1450
Product Review:
Same machine as the Santa Fe Advance.  This label is only sold by contractors as part of an encapsulation system.  Contractor pricing is more expensive than buying direct from factory through a wholesaler such as BPA.
Ebac CD30
ebac cd30 crawl space dehumidifier
170 CFM 17 pints No 33°F – 90°F 55 lbs 12"H $869
Product Review:
Water removal capacity is pretty low, making this unit only useful for extremely small spaces.  When it comes to value per dollar, the Ebac CD30 is not quite up to par with the lower priced, more powerful Dri-CrawlSpace®
Ebac CS60
Ebac CS60 Crawl Space Dehumidifiers
360 CFM 56 pints No 33°F – 90°F 63 lbs 13.25"H $1500
Product Review:
Coming in at nearly the most expensive crawlspace dehumidifier on the market, the Ebac CS60 tested pretty well, compared to lower priced units… except for the Dri-CrawlSpace®
PLUS  With similar capacity, higher efficiency and better price, the Dri-CrawlSpace® PLUS stacks up as a better value and better choice.

Prices shown were found through internet sources as of December 2006.


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