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This is the only dehumidifier approved by the OscarAir indoor air quality experts that is 100% guaranteed to solve your crawlspace humidity problem all year long.  Designed to OscarAir specifications and priced lower than competitors' inferior crawlspace dehumidifiers, the Dri-Crawlspace comes with a RISK FREE 90 Day 100% Money Back Performance Guarantee  (Call to activate your guarantee before ordering).

Order Now to get rid of crawlspace humidity that causes mold, allergies, wood rot, rodents, dust mites and insect infestations throughout your entire home.

Dri-CrawlSpace COMPACT
Crawlspace Dehumidifier
Electrical 115V/60Hz/3.5A
Airflow 200 CFM
Weight 60 lbs
Refrigerant R-410a
Operating Temp 33F - 90F

Dri-Crawlspace Compact Crawlspace Dehumidifiers

Price: $789
Dri-CrawlSpace PLUS
Crawlspace Dehumidifier
Electrical 115V/60Hz/4.2A
Airflow 350 CFM
Weight 62 lbs
Refrigerant R-410a
Operating Temp 33F - 90F

Dri-Crawlspace Plus Crawlspace Dehumidifiers

Price: $1197
$1097..until March 31

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Condensate Pump
You will need this pump if your drain hose must be routed up over any obstacle.  Without the pump, the hose must always travel on a downward slope to your drain or outside.

Pump plugs into standard 115V outlet. Includes mounting hardware and 20' of drain tubing.

crawlspace dehumidifiers condensate pump
Price: $73.47

Remote Humidistat
Do you need accurate control over your relative humidity levels?  This humidistat provides maximum accuracy.

Humidistat requires a dedicated outlet installed into the crawlspace.  The humidistat wires inline with the lead and switches the outlet on or off according to humidity levels detected.

crawlspace dehumidifiers humidistat
Price: $89.95

Duct Adaptor Kit
Would you rather install your crawlspace dehumidifier in a utility closet on the first floor?  Duct adaptors allow you to use 8" round ducting to suck humid air out of your crawlspace and pump dry air into it from a remote location.

  • The adaptor is a flange that fits on the end of the dehumidifier.  The flange extends 5 inches from the dehumidifier.

  • The flange excepts an 8" round duct.

  • 8" Round Flex duct can be used and attaches in a similar way to ducting on the back of a dryer.

  • Flex duct is available at your local hardware or home improvement store.

crawlspace dehumidifiers duct kit

Supply Side is where the air comes out of the dehumidifier.

Return Side is where the air goes into the dehumidifier.

Price: $50.00
Supply Side Duct Adaptor


Price: $50.00
Return Side Duct Adaptor


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Reveals 7 Things You Should Know Before Buying Any Crawlspace Dehumidifier

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