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How To Become A Distributor For The Dri-Crawlspace® Dehumidifier Product Line...

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HVAC & Crawl Space Product Information
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Dehumidifier Technical  Comparison Chart for Competitive Units
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HVAC & Crawlspace Product Info and Dehumidifier Technical Comparison Chart
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Benefits of Becoming a Distributor:

  1. We offer you the best crawlspace dehumidifier in the industry.
    If you have been in this industry long enough you know there are competitive crawlspace dehumidifiers in the marketplace that have major quality control issues.  You can feel confident that the Dri-Crawlspace® Dehumidifiers are engineered to be the most efficient and reliable crawlspace dehumidifier available.
  2. We offer you the best wholesale pricing in the industry… bar none!
    Once you are accepted as a Distributor we will send you our wholesale price list.  There is plenty of room for you to earn a healthy mark-up and still offer your customer a fair and reasonable retail price.
  3. We always have products in stock and we ship your order on-time.
    Unlike other companies, OscarAir, Inc. is in control of the manufacturing process, and we are obsessive about making sure that our distributors never have any “Out of Stock” issues and that you receive your order as quick as possible.
  4. We have the best technical support in the country.
    As a distributor you will have access to our tech support line 7 days a week. Not only are we here for you for after sales support, we are here to support you if you have any questions about how to “size” a certain job you might have.

Requirements for Becoming a Distributor:

  1. You must be a legitimate business owner who is involved with serving the public as a contractor, builder, HVAC professional, pest control professional, IAQ professional, foundation repair professional or any other allied profession.
  2. You must purchase a minimum of 5 Dri-Crawlspace® Dehumidifiers in a calendar year.
Note: If you plan on purchasing more that one unit and less than 5 (within a 12 month period) you are NOT eligible for our distributor wholesale pricing structure, however...

...you are eligible for a volume discount. Call 1-800-654-0667 to speak with one of our technical sales representatives to inquire about a volume discount.


Steps to Become a Distributor:

Step 1 – Complete the Distributor Application Form below.

Step 2 – Our crawlspace dehumidifier Sales Manager will review application your form.

Step 3 – Once you are approved we will send you the price list and other supporting documents.

Distributor Application
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Company State:
Company Zip:
Company Phone:
Company Fax:
Your Email:
Type of Business:
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Dri-CrawlSpace® Annual Sales Forecast:
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