OscarAir, Inc Performance Guarantee For Our Dri-Crawlspace Commercial Dehumidifiers

Crawlspace Dehumidifier
Performance Guarantee

Due to our unique manufacturing quality control, dehumidification experience, and general air quality knowledge, we are able to offer you the OscarAir Dri-Crawlspace Dehumidifier with a 100% Risk Free Performance Guarantee.

We originally set out to find the product with the best value for a crawlspace dehumidifier - something worth our time and attention - something this air quality group can stand behind.  With a solution in mind and set of criteria at hand, we found several decent models that came close, but none could satisfy ALL the criteria.  So we made our own.

We put together a new combination of components and technology to create the ideal crawlspace dehumidifier.  And this is a product OscarAir will guarantee.

There is no other crawlspace dehumidifier on the market that is worthy of this kind of guarantee.  So feel free to take one home and try it out for 90 days risk free.  By using the resources on this website along with direct consultation of an OscarAir team member, you are qualified for the 90 days 100% money back guarantee.  Just call before purchasing, to activate your 100% Performance Guarantee.

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90 Day 100% Money Back

Plus Warranty...
1 Year on Components
3 Years on Compressor

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CrawlSpace Dehumidifier Gurantee

100% Performance Guarantee

Guaranteed CrawlSpace Dehumidification


During anytime within the 90 days after your OscarAir Dri-CrawlSpace Dehumidifier purchase, if you decide you are not satisfied with the performance of your crawlspace dehumidifier and believe it did not do everything we claim it would, just email or call OscarAir for a full refund*.  You have nothing to lose, either it does the job, or you get your money back.  We assume all the risk.  We allow you to try the dehumidifier for 90 days.  If you are not 100% satisfied, just return it in the condition you received it and we will refund 100% of the cost of the equipment you purchased.

Call OscarAir, Inc. before purchasing, to activate your 100% Performance Guarantee.

*Return Policy: 100% of the cost of the dehumidifier, condensate pump and remote humidistat and accessories will be refunded if returned within 90 days of initial order if you ordered equipment based on our application specialists recommendations. This means, you must call in prior to ordering and provide our application specialists with all of the measurements and details at which point, our staff will recommend equipment and other steps you must take to ensure that you are applying our product properly. We will not accept returns for customers who do not take the advice of our application specialists or do not order the recommended equipment. This includes undersizing as well as failing to properly prepare or seal the treated area. Initial shipping costs and return shipping costs that our carrier charges OscarAir, Inc (not the discounted freight charges OscarAir, Inc charges our customer) will be deducted from the refund to recover some of OscarAir, Inc's costs.

All items must be returned in as-new so that the product can be sold.  Additional fees may be charged and deducted from the buyer's refund if returned items show signs of wear, abuse or damage.

Allow 60 days (at most) for your refund to be processed. Most of the time your refund will be processed within 30 days.

Upon return of your order it is important that the Buyer contact us and provide us with written notification (via email or fax) and obtain an "RMA" number before the order is returned to our warehouse in Sanford, North Carolina. If OscarAir, Inc (corporate office in Charleston, South Carolina) is not notified via written communication we may not be aware of the customer's pending return.  Returns must be sent via an OscarAir, Inc. approved freight shipping company. All dehumidifier returns must be secured to a pallet (skid) to ensure protected delivery back to our warehouse.  UPS, Fedex or DHL shipments are not acceptable. Contact us for any questions.

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