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Our introduction to OscarAir, Inc's "Best Value in Class" for the Crawl Space Dehumidifier, the Dri-CrawlSpace COMPACT or PLUS, custom designed to OscarAir specifications, is a guaranteed year round crawlspace humidity solution.

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This is the place to get your crawlspace dehumidifiers, rated "Best Value in Class" by OscarAir, Inc.  You can also find dehumidifier accessories here.

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Find out how you can purchase a crawlspace dehumidifier risk free using the OscarAir, Inc. 100% Performance Guarantee.  In additional FREE warranty is standard, giving you 1 year on components and 3 years on the compressor.

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CrawlSpace Dehumidifier Blog Posts
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Why Does Your CrawSpace Grow Mold While Your House Feels Dry?
How To Size A CrawlSpace Dehumidifier To Achieve Ideal Crawl Space Conditions.


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